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Issues with Site Resolving or: Six Stages of Debugging

By Pascal Mathys on 8. February 2017, No comments

After upgrading a Sitecore solution from 7.2 to 8.2 initial release, we experienced a strange behavior on the delivery servers on the customer environments. The site resolving of internal links to other sites did not work on some machines. It didn't happen on all delivery servers and it never happened on authoring servers. It didn't happen all the time and it never happened on my local environment or the dev environment.

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ContentSearch instead of Sitecore queries - preserving the Content Tree order

By Marta Imos-Merska on 7. July 2016, No comments

Lately I've been working on a Sitecore 8.1 project, where we decided to use the Sitecore ContentSearch API instead of Sitecore queries to retrieve items. When starting with this approach, something you notice at the very beginning is that the order of the retrieved items needs some customization.

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Behavior-driven Development in .NET

By Dawid Dworak on 17. June 2016, No comments

Good communication between business and development is one of the biggest predictors of project success. It is proved by The Standish Group CHAOS report. It identifies user involvement (15.9%), executive management support (13.9%) and clearly stated requirements (13.0%) as the greatest factors of project success. Behavior-driven Development (BDD) is a software development process that significantly improves communication between business and IT and elevates TDD to the next level by filling a gap between user stories, their acceptance criteria and developed code.

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By Marta Imos-Merska on 11. May 2016, 1 Comment

Two weeks ago I had an opportunity to attend SUGCON Europe 2016 in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, which also happens to be a birthplace of Sitecore. It was the first time that I've been at this conference and I'd like to shed some light on my impressions from this event.

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User generated content in a security hardened environment

By Kevin Brechbühl on 16. July 2015, No comments

Martina Welander talked about different methods to store user generated content at the Sitecore Usergroup Conference (SUGCON) 2015. Some of them depend on the environment and on the security harderning you have applied. In our projects, we usually configure the environments to be as secure as possible. In this blog post I want to give you an example how you can store user generated content in a second web database.

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The Sitecore MVC puzzle

By Kevin Brechbühl on 24. June 2015, 1 Comment

I got the chance to hold a presentation at the Sitecore User Group Conference Europe this year in Eindhoven (NL). My topic was "Sitecore MVC Advanced". This blog post should give you a recap of my session. You can also get the slides and there is also a recording of my session available.

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How to collect publishing data

By Zahid Nawaz on 11. June 2015, No comments

In this post I will explain, how you can collect the publishing data by writing custom event handlers in Sitecore

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Create Custom Validation Fields in Sitecore WFFM

By Zahid Nawaz on 9. June 2015, 1 Comment

In this post I will let you know how you can create and validate custom fields in Web Form For Marketer.

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Glass Mapper V4 and auto-generate models without TDS

By Kevin Brechbühl on 27. May 2015, 2 Comments

During our last Know-How sessions I wanted to take a look into the new version of Glass Mapper and how we can possibly auto-generate the models without using TDS. I only had one and half hour of time and was fascinated what I could do in this time - it just worked! This blog post will give you a short overview of what I did and what my thoughts are about this.

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Activate the Tiger in your xDB

By Reto Hugi on 19. May 2015, 1 Comment

With Sitecore 7.5 and 8 you probably added MongoDB to your dev environment. And if you’re running a lot of different instances and you would like to keep the MongoDB DB directory organised, this post is for you.

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