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Sitecore Hackathon 2015

By Tobias Studer on 9. February 2015, No comments

A year has passed since the last Sitecore Hackathon and the time has come once again for Sitecore developers from around the world to slap their keyboards, pick their brains and fight against those heavy eyelids. A 24 hour timeline to create a Sitecore module from scratch and reach for fame and glory within the community. Or maybe just have fun. Team Unique has been a part of it, once again.

Pascal Mathys, Kevin Brechbühl and Tobias Studer participated last year as Team Uniques in the first ever Sitecore Hackathon. 11 Teams, 3 Judges, one topic and a glorious second place in the end. This year's event took place January 20 at 2AM local time. And it got quite a bit bigger: 36 Team (almost a hundred developers), 3 Community Judges, 12 Sitecore Judges and 3 different topics in 3 different categories. In the end, a winning team will be picked for each category.


Best Sitecore Integration Module
Integration is key, the whole world is open and ready to be integrated. Get creative and integrate with services, programs, devices or combinations. Let Sitecore work together with anything non-Sitecore and create something beyond your imagination.

Best Business User Experience Module
Why not help our beloved business users with a better experience. Help your content editor, workflow manager or marketer do an even better job! This is your moment to shine and make their life a bit more easier.

Best Development Experience Module
Developer, developers, developers... it's all about developers. As a developer you can never have enough tools or accelerator kits to make your work easier! Create anything that will help you. This is the challenge to make your own daily job a better and more fun experience!

Meet PackMan

It took us a while to decide on a topic to work on. We wanted something that would add value in our everyday life working on Sitecore projects. For us being developers, creating a module that helps us in crafting our projects seamed to be a good idea. As a result, PackMan was born. PackMan Logo

The target audience of the PackMan module are Sitecore developers who want to keep track of item and template changes while working on new features. It enables you to automatically track those changes and add additional items manually to the process. At the end of your work, you can generate an item package which contains all those changes without having to go into the Package Designer and remember which items you touched. All of this without leaving the Content Editor!

After installing the module, a set of new buttons appear in the developer tab. This will give you the possibility to start and stop the tracking, add and remove items manually, see the currently tracked items and generate the item package. PackMan Logo

The PackMan module is available in the marketplace as a download or on GitHub with the full source code.

On YouTube, you can see the module in action:

Final words

The Sitecore Hackathon was a great experience, again. To see so many developers hacking on solutions with the framework we love is empowering. The biggest challenge aside from the hacking itself is maybe the timezone handicap. Here in Switzerland the event starts at 2 o’clock in the morning. This basically means that we have been working for an entire day already, going directly into the Hackathon. Nevertheless, we think we created a nice module and are eagerly awaiting the results of the judges.

Update (February 18th 2015)

We are proud to announce that our module has won 1st place in the Best Development Experience category! Furthermore, we want to congratulate the winning Team Bazinga! In Best Sitecore Integration Module and Team Admin/b in Best Business User Experience Module. You can find the official results here.

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