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By Marta Imos-Merska on 11. May 2016, 1 Comment

Two weeks ago I had an opportunity to attend SUGCON Europe 2016 in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, which also happens to be a birthplace of Sitecore. It was the first time that I've been at this conference and I'd like to shed some light on my impressions from this event.

Let me just start with saying I'm really glad I could attend (thank you, Unic!). The conference was organized really well, the venue was nice. And the food was delicious, which is an additional plus for a food lover like me ;)

Now to the topics. There was a lot of presentations I wanted to attend, unfortunately some of them overlapped, so haven't seen everything I'd like. But thanks to Robbert Hock you can watch all of them on YouTube now. That said, there were quite a few presentations I've seen and found really enjoyable and interesting.

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The best presentation for me was "Sitecore might be secure, but your site isn’t!" by Bas Lijten, taking place on the first day of the conference. He talked about different ways to improve your web application security. He mentioned, among other things, several response headers one should use, including the Secure-Transport-Security I had no idea about before. And neither did I know about 307 status code, which proves useful. Bas also demonstrated possible attacks, like "man in the middle", which everyone's heard about, but at least I didn't see live and it was interesting to see how very little is needed to perform such attack. All in all, entertaining and useful presentation (already implementing some of Bas' suggestions!) with a very talented presenter.

One of the other presentations worth mentioning is Kam Figy's "Serialize all the things with Unicorn" - about how Unicorn works, what changed in new version and providing details of new format of serialized item. Of course you can read about it as well, but it's always more fun for me to listen to the creator - especially when he turns out to do good on stage. There was also a lecture from Mike Edwards about building infrastructure for large scale solutions. Highlights of the second day for me was Mike Robbins explaining how to combine Sitecore personalization with usage of mobile devices and bluetooth beacons, and Alistair Deneys talking about unit testing the Sitecore solutions. At the end we could enjoy very entertaining presentation of Martina Welander talking about the process of her refactoring

The whole conference was a very pleasant experience, with some interesting topics and meeting some nice folks. It's definitely cool to see presentations of all these people whose blogs you read and modules you use on daily basis.

TL;DR Was a lot of fun, I learned something new and highly recommend SUGCON to anyone who hasn't attended it yet.

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1 Comment

  1. 26. May 2016 at 11:04

    Tnx for your review, I am very happy with your remarks on my presentation!

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