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User generated content in a security hardened environment

By Kevin Brechbühl on 16. July 2015, No comments

Martina Welander talked about different methods to store user generated content at the Sitecore Usergroup Conference (SUGCON) 2015. Some of them depend on the environment and on the security harderning you have applied. In our projects, we usually configure the environments to be as secure as possible. In this blog post I want to give you an example how you can store user generated content in a second web database.

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The Sitecore MVC puzzle

By Kevin Brechbühl on 24. June 2015, 1 Comment

I got the chance to hold a presentation at the Sitecore User Group Conference Europe this year in Eindhoven (NL). My topic was "Sitecore MVC Advanced". This blog post should give you a recap of my session. You can also get the slides and there is also a recording of my session available.

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Glass Mapper V4 and auto-generate models without TDS

By Kevin Brechbühl on 27. May 2015, 2 Comments

During our last Know-How sessions I wanted to take a look into the new version of Glass Mapper and how we can possibly auto-generate the models without using TDS. I only had one and half hour of time and was fascinated what I could do in this time - it just worked! This blog post will give you a short overview of what I did and what my thoughts are about this.

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Check log files on remote environments

By Kevin Brechbühl on 6. February 2015, No comments

On local environments, looking into log files is easy. It's also possible for remote authoring servers where we have the Sitecore backend available. But how do we check the log files for remote delivery systems, where we don't have any access? This blog post introduces a new Shared Source Module which exactly solves this issue.

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Get url for area controller action from a View Rendering

By Kevin Brechbühl on 4. February 2015, No comments

Sitecore doesn't support Mvc Areas out of the box, but of course we can use these anyway. This post shows how to resolve an url for a controller action from a Sitecore View Rendering within an area.

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Custom date format in Sitecore MVC forms

By Kevin Brechbühl on 10. November 2014, No comments

Usually in .net solutions, date formats are based on the current culture. In Switzerland the situation is a bit complicated: We have three cultures (German, French and Italian) but almost every website also covers English, which is not an available culture. This means we don't have a valid combination of language and format infos. With this blog post I want to show a way to use custom date format in MVC forms.

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Separating Glass Mapper contextes

By Kevin Brechbühl on 24. October 2014, No comments

Glass Mapper itself works with a static context. Everytime on the application start, the Glass context is configured and registered to the dependency injection container. For example, if you have a separate module which is completely decoupled from your Sitecore solution but should also use Glass Mapper, you can't use the same static context. This blog post describes how you can create different contextes for different concerns.

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Differentiate ViewModels and DomainModels in view renderings using Glass Mapper

By Kevin Brechbühl on 29. August 2014, No comments

In an MVC application, DomainModels and ViewModels are widely used. But often it's not clear what these are for and how we should separate them. This blog post shows my architectural point of view about how to differentiate ViewModels from DomainModels, how to use them in theory and how to integrate them into Sitecore view rendering with Glass Mapper.

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Add custom attributes to form tag with Sitecore MVC

By Kevin Brechbühl on 18. August 2014, No comments

A form tag often needs additional attributes like the css class. Because in Siteore MVC we can have multiple renderings and controllers on one page request, this can't be done exactly the same way as in pure ASP.NET MVC. In this small blog post I will explain you why and how you can do this with Sitecore MVC.

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Sample Items in Playground nach ASP.NET MVC konvertieren

By Kevin Brechbühl on 15. May 2014, No comments

Nachdem ein neuer Sitecore Playground aufgesetzt wurde sind bereits einige Sample Items und Sample Renderings vorhanden. Leider sind diese alle in ASP.NET WebForms umgesetzt und nicht in ASP.NET MVC. In diesem Beitrag möchte ich euch ein Package zur Verfügung stellen, um dies ganz einfach zu ändern.

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