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How to collect publishing data

By Zahid Nawaz on 11. June 2015, No comments

In this post I will explain, how you can collect the publishing data by writing custom event handlers in Sitecore

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Create Custom Validation Fields in Sitecore WFFM

By Zahid Nawaz on 9. June 2015, 1 Comment

In this post I will let you know how you can create and validate custom fields in Web Form For Marketer.

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Create a Single Sitecore Log File per Day

By Zahid Nawaz on 27. January 2015, No comments

This blog post is about how to prevent Sitecore from creating a new log file each time the IIS or its AppPool restarts.

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Create Media Item along with language version through Sitecore Item Web API

By Zahid Nawaz on 25. September 2014, No comments

In this blog post I will explain how to create a media item along with different language versions through the Sitecore Item Web API. Out-of-the-box Item Web API does not provide feature to create other language versions of existing media item. To achieve this goal one need to write his own custom pipeline processor. In this blog post I have explained which processor do you need to override and what should you care about while overriding?

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