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Glass Mapper V4 and auto-generate models without TDS

By Kevin Brechbühl on 27. May 2015, 2 Comments

During our last Know-How sessions I wanted to take a look into the new version of Glass Mapper and how we can possibly auto-generate the models without using TDS. I only had one and half hour of time and was fascinated what I could do in this time - it just worked! This blog post will give you a short overview of what I did and what my thoughts are about this.

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Separating Glass Mapper contextes

By Kevin Brechbühl on 24. October 2014, No comments

Glass Mapper itself works with a static context. Everytime on the application start, the Glass context is configured and registered to the dependency injection container. For example, if you have a separate module which is completely decoupled from your Sitecore solution but should also use Glass Mapper, you can't use the same static context. This blog post describes how you can create different contextes for different concerns.

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Sprachunabhängige Referenzen mit Glass Mapper

By Kevin Brechbühl on 22. February 2014, No comments

In einem aktuellen Projekt haben wir uns entschieden, Glass Mapper als ORM einzusetzen, um die Items in Sitecore automatisch zu typsicheren Objekten im Code zu konvertieren. Glass Mapper prüft standardmässig beim Laden eines Items immer auf eine gültige Sprachversion. Dies ist ein super Feature für das Hauptitem. Was aber, wenn das Item eine Referenz auf ein Item hat (z.B. einen Droplink), welches nur shared Felder hat und somit meist auch nur in einer Sprache vorhanden ist?

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